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If you're looking for fire protection without the inconvenience of water damage, then gaseous fire suppression systems provide the ideal solution. From protecting sensitive data to precious antiques, gaseous fire suppression systems are even able to extinguish the hard to reach fires such as waste paper under the tables.


Here at Advanced Fire Systems, we offer a variety of fire suppression systems depending on your needs and requirements.

Need fire protection for sensitive items?

Once we have completed a site survey, we will be able to advise on which gaseous fire suppression system is best suited for your premises. We also advise on the benefits of each, enabling you to make an informed decision regarding which system to install.


We offer 3 main fire suppression systems:

• Carbon dioxide (CO2)

• Halocarbons (FM-200 and FE13)

• Inert gases (Argonite)


As fire suppression systems deteriorate over time, it is important that they are regularly maintained. We offer a regular maintenance service for both non-contracts and existing contracts, to ensure your fire suppression system is working correctly, get in touch today.

Bespoke suppression systems

For expert fire suppression systems,

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